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Bill and Johanna Mouat

In addition to having a deep, long-standing connection to the land at Mangaorapa, Bill and Johanna are committed and enthusiastic patrons of New Zealand contemporary art and architecture.  It’s their belief that creating quality wine from a unique environment is an important and satisfying creative endeavour, one that underlines the connection of this family to the land, the ultimate expression of ‘terroir’.   Their involvement in the wine industry adds depth to their ongoing passion for the region of Hawke’s Bay, a passion that is strengthened through their support of the area’s cultural heritage and evolving wine and food culture.  

In 2003 with the first vintage from Mangaorapa vineyards due to be harvested Bill and Johanna formed an association with John Hancock and Robyn & Robert Wilson of Trinity Hill Winery, Hastings.   John’s experience and innovative spirit pioneered many aspects of the wine industry in New Zealand and with the support from this connection, the developing vineyard operations at Mangaorapa gained momentum and confidence.

The Trinity Hill association remains a valued and important part of the Mangaorapa Estate story and it continues today with their ongoing management of the vineyard operation and use of the grape production for their own selected wines. 


Warren Gibson – Consultant Oenologist

Warren is the Chief winemaker at Trinity Hill and has been responsible for defining the distinctive   ‘Mangaorapa style’ in the wines from this vineyard.   His winemaking talents are well respected throughout the industry and there is wide recognition for his well crafted wines.  Warren skill extends to overseeing the vineyard operations from a winemaking perspective and this understanding is evident in the site specific sensitivity of the Mangaorapa Estate wines.  


Randell Tinsley – Vineyard Manager

Randell started work at Mangaorapa in 1995 as the Station’s Grounds and Landscaping Manager.  His horticulture background provided the experience and interest to develop, along with the Mouats, a trial vineyard in 2000. His passion for viticulture rapidly emerged and he has been an integral part of the planning and management of the vineyard for the past 10 years.  Now working with Trinity Hill, Randall and his wife Paula, continue to put passion and hard work into achieving the best crop from this vineyard each year.

mangaorapa means ’stream with many tributaries’

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